Form and Function

Form without function just isn’t design. For design to be worthwhile and effective, it must be useful, as well as beautiful. Where an artist might create work whose primary purpose is aesthetic, a designer must create work which is practical, user-friendly and inherently useful.   ‘Usefulness’ is a nebulous term – based on the needs of the...

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Bright Spark Creative Blog - Be A Brand Chameleon

Be a Brand Chameleon

Your brand is under more pressure than ever before – it has to work across more formats, in more spaces, and under more restrictions than at any other time in its history. To maintain an exciting, relevant and functional visual identity, it has to be flexible and adaptable.   It has to become a brand chameleon.   The brand...

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Bright Spark Creative Blog - Digging Up Brand Heritage

Digging up brand heritage

Heritage is in, and in a big way. Consumers are responding favourably to established brands, perceiving their products as safe bets on which to spend their hard-earned money. This phenomenon often rears its head when times are financially tough, with pedigree implying trustworthiness, and greater inherent value than newer brands are able to offer.   Intelligent brands...

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