Brands Evolve

A lot of business’ start-off like a checklist.


Meaningful Name, Check! (Sometimes not even meaningful).

Snazzy logo, Check!

Brand guidelines, Check!

Website, Check!


You get the idea. They get all of their materials ready in the first few months and wonder why things start to feel a bit stale some two years down the line.


Google’s logo is a great example of how development can keep you current and ahead of the competition. Please bear in mind that you don’t have to be the size of Google to make this work.


As you’ll see from the picture above, Google has always looked consistent, not the same, but consistent. They slowly change; as trends and technology change, Google advances with them.


Since it’s creation, and across the span of 20 (ish) years, Google has moved colours around, added shadows, removed shadows, and most recently, dropped serifs altogether. each iteration builds on the one before it; it remains unmistakably the same Google you’ve always known – It hasn’t changed, it has evolved.


If Google had failed to move their logo and the rest of the brand forward, they would be positioning themselves below their competitors. Take a look at how Googles 2010 logo squares up against their competitor, Bing.


Evolving their brand has kept them in the fight – and they are fierce fighters.


Updating and changing your branding doesn’t throw people off the scent. It keeps you fresh, current and tells your followers that you’re still operating. If you feel like it’s time your brand got a shiny new look, please get in touch.

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