Fighting ad fatigue

Ad fatigue – how to avoid it and make your adverts work

People are being advertised to more than ever before and are developing ‘ad fatigue’.


Ad fatigue is a tough opponent to beat. Put simply, it is the drop in interest caused by seeing the same advertising again and again. That gym ad that promises you’ll look like the model for just £30 a month – you’ve seen it. The fast food ad that promises a cheap burger – been there, done that. The soft drinks ad that promises a fun, youthful lifestyle – it feels fake and tired.


Ad fatigue is a huge problem for many businesses, but as with all adversity, it makes it an exciting time. Marketers need to push further, be smarter, let go of tradition and create the brand-new to claw the hard-earned money out of people’s wallets.


At risk of sounding like the clickbait that consumers hate, we’ve come up with three simple tips to combat ad fatigue and keep your brand on top.


1. Be the better product

The simplest way to maintain market share is to be perceived as the highest quality product or service in your sector. Pointing out the USPs of your product and focusing on the ones that provide solutions to your competitors’ products is advertising 101, but it works.


2. Shock!

Reinvigorate, re-engage and grow your existing audience by doing the unexpected. Be clever, be shocking, be tongue-in-cheek, and if you get it right, you’ll be squarely back in the minds of easily-distracted consumers. While this may not always have positive results, you’ll learn what limits your consumer base has, and what not to do a second time.


3. Tailor your marketing

It is no longer the age of one-size-fits-all advertising. Social media advertising, AdWords and remarketing mean your adverts can follow consumers round the internet. It is said this phenomenon can cause ad fatigue in as little as three days. To combat this, develop suites of adverts – vary colours, headlines, and images. Not only will this slow the progress of ad fatigue, it allows for analytics and testing. Testing the ads against one another provides valuable click-rate data, telling you what your audience likes, and what turns them off.


The best strategy for all advertising is to know your consumer. What would they want to see, what would they absolutely hate? What would shock them, tug at their heartstrings, make them laugh?


Worried you don’t have this kind of information? No problem! If you follow our three tips, you’ll point out what’s best about your product. As a result, you’ll engage new customers, re-engage existing customers, and learn, through consistent testing, exactly what turns them on, and off.


In addition, you’ll build up a solid picture of your core consumer, your potential customers, and those you’ll never engage. This will allow you to direct your efforts towards where they work best.


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