2017 – Lessons Learned in a year in Advertising

2017 – Lessons Learned in a year in Advertising

As the year comes to a close, we like to take a brief look back at the projects that have made waves in design and advertising. 2017 has been a big year, making it the perfect environment for new and unique ideas to emerge. Here are a few big (and small) events from the world of design that made waves, and could help shape the future.


1. Brands need to be political

This year has seen brands nail their colours to the mast like never before. Research from Y&R Europe determined that brands that take a stand, whatever it is, stand to benefit. Profit motives aside, brands like Airbnb have been reaping the rewards of taking a stance. Standing against anti-immigration rhetoric, they saw huge follower growth after tweeting their support of migrant workers in the USA.


2. Augmented reality became mainstream

In another move into an terrifying technological epoch, augmented reality is being eyed as the next ‘big thing’ for advertising. Ikea has added augmented reality to their app advertising. It allows shoppers to virtually place furniture items in their homes.


3. The consumer really is king

Consumers now have the power to choose who to buy from with greater ease than ever. If they don’t like your brand ethos, someone else is ready to provide a similar product and can ship it overnight. This makes managing customer experiences absolutely essential to business survival.


4. Mobile is everything

If consumers can’t access your product or service through the miniature supercomputer in their pocket, they might not access it at all. Nearly 80% of internet users access the web via smartphones. In fact, there are now 8 billion mobile devices in the world, 0.4 billion more than there are people alive today. It’s not only the case for online sales – Google uses geotargeted advertising to drive consumers to physical locations – 5 billion in the past 3 years.


5. AI is the new normal

Finding patterns in human data has always been the best way to ensure marketing strategies work efficiently. AI’s strength in this field is leading to new capabilities, forecasting when to put messages out for the best return. The increasing, social-media-based demand for real-time content, tailored to specific consumer subsets is likely to spell success for brands large enough to take advantage of what AI has to offer.


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