Web Design & Development Made Easy

Web Design & Development Made Easy

At Bright Spark Creative, we make web design and development easy by following time-tested systems and processes. Every well-designed website goes through seven key steps in its life cycle:


Step 1: Research, information gathering, audience and aims

Your brand, your aims, and your audience inform your website’s content, style and functionality. A news site, for example, looks different to an ecommerce platform. Users expect websites to work in specific ways. To boost sales and conversions, you must identify your customer and cater to their needs.


At the research stage, we work out what the website has to do. Your website probably needs special functionality. Forms, widgets and calculators, social media feeds, modal popups – the list of what can be added to make the website work for the user is endless.


Step 2: Planning site structure

Your website needs a structure. Web designers use sitemaps and wireframes to work this out. A sitemap lets us, primarily, work out how the pages of your content link to one another, and make sure your message is going to be told in the right way.


If required, we create a wireframe to give a deeper insight into page structure – it helps the designer and client agree on how content will fit. We use wireframes as useful tools to determine image requirements and the amount of copy needed for each page.


Step 3: Designing your website

We know who the website is for, and what goes where. Next we work out how the website is going to look. Mixing existing branding with appropriate images and styling is key to making sure web design has the required outcomes. The right combination of elements will make your website memorable, and your product or message more likely to sell.


Step 4: Content gathering

This is the stage where we work with you to collect written content and images in one place. Thanks to sitemaps and visuals, there’s a good indication of the right level of copy, the number of required images, and how they should fit together.


Bold, catchy headlines and impactful, informative, SEO-ready copy should be the focus of this stage. Let your customers know that you have what they need, and why it has value to them.


Step 5: Website development

This is the stage where you, the client, can sit back, relax, and let the developers do all the work.
The developer will take the agreed-upon, structure, design and content and make it work.


The things the website has to do are built here. At its most basic, the web pages are linked together. The more complex side of development can include databases, special functionality, forms, automated pricing quotes – almost anything is possible.


Stage 6: Testing, review and launch

Websites needs to be thoroughly tested. We ensure links work, special functions do what they were designed to do, without glitches. We test the website across different screen sizes to ensure responsiveness on all devices.


Next, we send you development links so you can see and test your new website as it will look once it goes live. Then we make any small tweaks and re-test so the site can go live. Now your customers can see it and interact with it, so full testing is important!


Stage 7: Regular website maintenance

Like all good things, a website works best with regular maintenance. Uploading new content, updating plugins and keeping an eye on features and functions ensures the website keeps working and maintains or grows its ranking on search engines.


If you’re not tech-savvy or just don’t have the time, we recommend you take out a maintenance contract. This means we manage for updates and security, content uploads and editing, and a wide variety of other jobs.


Bright Spark Creative is here to make your website work. We make your role in the process easy, then we do the rest. Contact us for web design and development, alongside engaging branding, print or digital – call +44 (0) 191 276 5566 or email hello@brightspark-creative.co.uk.


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