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User Experience for Better Websites

The web is pretty cluttered. How can you make sure your website stands out from the crowd?


This may sound odd coming from a design agency, but the answer isn’t entirely based on how it looks. Your branding could be spot-on, your pictures soulful and engaging, and your content written by a modern-day copywriting Shakespeare, but your website is underperforming. Why?


It’s because user experience hasn’t been considered. It’s how users interact with your content, and it’s essential to make sure it’s intuitive.


Spending twenty minutes on a website trying to achieve a simple task that should take two is frustrating. Many users leave a site, and never go back, thanks to poor UX. Conversely, websites that work properly always draw customers back, time and time again.


At Bright Spark Creative, we know about user experience.  Our successful websites like The Framed Picture Company get outstanding reviews from users.


Ironing out the user experience takes a few steps. Read our primer of the major steps to show you what to expect:


1. Site Content

Sounds obvious, right? We work with the client to determine their content requirements, then apply our expertise to ensure it’s streamlined.


2. Sitemaps and Wireframes

Preparing these lets us work out how content will flow across the site and sort content. They’re great tools to help with content structure.


3. Content Structure

We fine-tune where content goes, and how important each item is. We work out how users move around the site and apply suitably intuitive navigation.


4. Content Organisation

A simple one page site is appropriate for minimal and direct content. Breaking up the content across many pages, and implementing search and filter functionality works when there’s more to say. Content organisation guides customers to important content, boosting conversions.


5. Design

We make the website look good! This is  the last step, once content and navigation work properly. This step is important, but only once we’ve nailed down the structure.


Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? We can help. We create great-looking websites that work, whether you’re trying to boost sales, increase footfall, promote your product or service or simply keep your audience informed. We’ll talk you through the whole process. With the steps outlined here, you’ll be primed and ready with relevant information to keep development running smoothly.


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