Why you should be using social media

Why you should be using social media to boost your business

Utilising Social Media is essential for businesses – it’s where your customers are. There are no other ways of reaching customers that are as direct or efficient. Put simply, any business not using Social Media as part of their marketing needs to reconsider.


In addition to reaching your customers directly and efficiently, there are many other benefits of effectively using Social Media for your business:


Understand Your Customers

•  Social Media generates a vast amount of live data about your customers that is ready to be used to your advantage. Social Media allows you to learn who you customer is, what they like and how they feel about your business.

•  Once you’ve learned who your customer is, you can utilise that information and design targeted adverts that will resonate deeply with your target customers. This is invaluable as it’s efficient, cost effective and, most importantly, it is proven to be successful.


Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty

•  Having a consistent presence on Social Media makes it easier for customers to find you, engage with you, and ultimately, buy from you.

•  Connecting and engaging with your customers on Social Media is a way of building brand loyalty. 71% of people who’ve had good service on Social Media are likely to recommend the product/service to a friend.


Deliver Better Customer Service

•  Social Media not only gives a voice to the customer, but a voice to you as well. Using it effectively means you can respond to any queries or complaints quickly, giving you the best chance of winning and retaining business.

•  Building a strong reputation for customer care on Social Media goes a long way with your customers. For customers, knowing that someone is there to listen and respond to any problems or queries can very often be the difference between buying from you, or from another brand.


Increase Traffic and Conversions on Your Website

•  Every time you post a link to your Social Media channels you are creating new conversion opportunities with visitors to your website. The more people you can get to your website to see your products/services, the better.

•  Google looks favourably on organic traffic. The more people from Social Media clicking through to your website, the better for your SEO. As your organic traffic goes up so will your ranking on Google. It’s a win-win!


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