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Boosting Your Business With One Simple Secret

At Bright Spark Creative, we know how tricky it can be to engage your customers. To make sure we can grab, and keep, consumer attention, we keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and techniques to make your brand look better and work harder, too.


So what if we told you a staggeringly simple secret to boost engagement with just a minor change in your strategy? It can be deployed across the entirety of your brand’s online presence easily, and tailored to almost any budget. It mimics the human experience, instantly capturing attention in a way that text and images can’t.


So, what could be quite that powerful?


It’s video. Simple and engaging, video is being used by smart brands to capture and hold the attention of the market. If done right, it can boost KPIs enormously.


Video embedded on your website and deployed across your social media presence is a winning combination, grabbing the attention of consumers and holding it for longer than many other forms of media. In fact, consumers actively seek out video content to inform their spending.


We created a bold and impactful new brand for The Frontier Group, a key part of which was a website with an engaging homepage video showcasing the vibe at Frontier – friendly, approachable and professional. A key tool in engaging customers, the website has gone down a storm, helping to cement the brand’s image as friendly and professional and, just as important – human.


Often a lower-budget option than video, animation is the perfect way to condense tricky or long-winded subjects into useful, bite-size chunks, or to capture attention with simple, easy-to-digest visuals that work harder than pictures alone.


For new driving instructors at RED Driving School, the accreditation process can be both long and daunting. To remind them of their place in the process and encourage them towards their next step, we created three simple but engaging animations to be used within an email campaign.


While not a new trend, the use of video and animation is increasing exponentially in marketing. In a crowded marketplace vying for the attention of consumers, video still has the capacity to capture – and hold – attention. In fact 65% of users watch more than ¾ of the total length of a video, meaning your message has more chance of reaching them.


There are some limitations to bear in mind with video content. Consumers are becoming used to Snapchat and Instagram, where video tend to be concise, typically running to under 30 seconds.


At Bright Spark, we produce video and animated content for a range of clients, from animated GIFs to help RED Driving School increase customer retention, to eye-catching background video for The Frontier Group’s brand new website, to high-end, bright, funky commercials for The Gate, our clients are realising that video is the way to go.


Feel the need to engage your clients, get your message across and get yourself noticed? Bright Spark can help with anything from short animations to fully-fledged video campaigns that put your brand on every screen. Get in touch on 0191 276 5566 to find out how we can help grow your business.

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