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Frankincense and Mirth

The winter months can prove a tough time for some industries, with a drop in engagement levels as the minds of potential customers wander elsewhere. In few fields is this as true as it is for driving instructor recruitment, which, for the rest of the year, is a serious contender in the job market.


Putting the brakes on marketing when when things are already slow is a counterproductive choice. It’s the perfect moment to get into gear and corner the market, engaging customers that other businesses just aren’t targeting.


In the run-up to Christmas, consumers are bombarded with advertising from every direction, so it’s critical to stand out in a hugely crowded marketplace.


One of the best ways to stand out is humour. Be funny, engage consumers, sell products.

In arenas where advertising can be be literal, straight-to-the-point, and, frankly, boring, humour is a key way to grab attention, helping jump start interaction and engagement with your brand. You’d be hard-pressed to find a potential customer who doesn’t enjoy a light-hearted joke, and if it’s suitable for your brand and message, evoking a smile or laugh makes your campaign memorable.


We proved this theory with print ads created for RED Driving School, which appeared in trade magazines. Throughout the campaign period, results indicated that RED saw dramatic increase in engagement, and consequently in the recruitment of new instructors. Simple, comical, seasonal ideas captured the attention of potential RED instructors, and led to a vast increase in sign-ups, compared to the year before.


Click to see how a turkey and an ugly Christmas jumper helped get potential RED driving instructors revved up.


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