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Is Design Safe from Artificial Intelligence?

We’re living in the future and robots are beginning to take our jobs. We haven’t reached the Singularity just yet, but issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) are already beginning to present themselves.   Advertising relies increasingly on metrics and automation. Perform a search on Google and your results are tailored to your history. Google knows you. Facebook...

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Get the Most From Your Marketing Budget with a Brief

Imagine you need to get to somewhere for a meeting, but you don’t know how to get there, or even where you are now. You set out on your journey, but find the road signs blank. You check your phone for a map, but you’ve got no signal. Unsurprisingly, you miss your meeting. This is the...

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Five Top Tips to Boost Creativity

Time is a luxury not often afforded in the creative industries – ‘I’ve got a meeting tomorrow, can I see something today?’ can be an all-too common P.S. at the end of an emailed brief. It’s in our job description to create good work, and pretty damned quickly.   But what about great work? That exquisite moment of...

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